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Education for the Poor

"Education is the medium through which we encounter the young minds of today who will constitute the society and the Church of tomorrow. Our Schools will seek to foster the integral development of the students for a better tomorrow." (HGN Directory No.54)

Low literacy is one of the major areas of concern in northern India. The Literacy rate is extremely low as compared to other parts of India. Inspite of the Government initiatives, low literacy prevails among the tribals and dalits.

Among the various reasons for this low rate, the main reason is the tendancy of the parents to keep the children at home, so that they can lend a helping hand in the fields or in tending the cattle. In addition to this, the problem of the scarcity of basic facilities and infrastructure in the school and lack of committed teachers are the other reasons. This low literacy status is the greatest stumbling block for the overall development and growth of the society. The parents need to be conscientized to become aware of the value of Education and the importance of collective action to promote a healthy society.

To realize these aims, we are running 2 schools to educate the poor children in rural and tribal areas, which are attached to our missions. There are more than 700 Children in these schools. We are constructing another school presently.

In our Educational Institutions, we try to impart the spiritual and moral values to all and teach catechism to the Christian Children.
Join us to bring light in the life of these underprivileged.

Educational Institutions

To Provide School Fees for Students

To Provide a Bicycle to School Student

To Establish a School


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